You have found yourself on the online portfolio of Brett Williams, a recent college graduate with a passion for public relations, community cultivation, writing, witty quips and nerdy knowledge. The work presented on this site has been created over his experiences as an intern for Geneva College and Mid Penn Bank and as a staff writer for gaming websites 8 Bit Chimp and Middle of Nowhere Gaming.

Growing up in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, communication and public relations were not at the forefront of Brett’s social conscious. Amidst the tourism and historic landscape, his passions for public relations and writing were born out of a desire to experience something new. This blooming passion led him on an inverse collegiate odyssey where he followed his desired field of study to three separate universities on a quest to discover the path he was truly meant for. Geneva College became his final destination, and his experiences there gave him a strong theoretical knowledge of communication laid over-top of a spiritual background that fully defined who he was and who he wanted to be.

As a college graduate, his path forward is less clear than it has ever been. However, with strong knowledge, ever-increasing experience and a strong spiritual base, his goal of becoming a public relations professional has never been more attainable.


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