Certification programs provide opportunities for continued learning

Mid Penn Bank is committed to providing the best service possible to our customers. To support this commitment, Mid Penn Bank University offers certification programs covering various topics and interests.

These programs allow employees to expand their knowledge, as well as better assist customers and help grow the bank.

A wide range of certification programs are available to employees, including business development, consumer lending, teller, new account, financial statement analysis, and supervisor.

According to Director of Education and Development, Kelly Tomczak, each program is a topic-specific experience. She describes the certification programs as being similar to a collegiate minor in that the programs are meant to provide employees a means to broaden their knowledge within targeted areas.

Signing up is simple. All an employee has to do is log into BAI and select the desired certification programs. The individual classes and requirements that make up a program are shown. Employees can review the programs and enroll in required courses as time permits.

“We really want people to know how to access our programs through BAI because that allows us to gauge the interest in that particular program,” said Tomczak. “Sessions for program courses are scheduled based on the level of interest, so a program with less interest won’t have classes available as frequently as a program with more interest. “ Program courses are generally held, on average, once a month on a rotating basis.

The certification programs have a variety of different structures. They can range from a single course divided into multiple, in-person class sessions to a collection of different in-class sessions, outside readings and on the job experience. “Courses are structured based on complexity and what we believe will give participants the best experience possible,” Tomczak said. “There are few prerequisites so an employee can sign up for any program.”

Currently the certification programs offer opportunities in the retail and commercial sides of the bank. Because attendance in these areas has been strong and the programs have been successful overall, additional programs designed for the support areas such as deposit services are being considered.

Advanced certification programs that build upon the knowledge gained in the existing certification programs are also being explored.

If you want to learn more about Mid Penn’s certification programs, log onto BAI or contact Kelly Tomczak for more information.

(Published in Fall 2015 Mid Penn Bank faculty newsletter)


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