Fall Break for Dummies

Fall break is finally upon us. After a gauntlet of tests, papers, projects and periodicals, we finally get a chance to kick back and relax. October 23-27 has long been the light between tunnels beckoning us forward, and now that it’s here we should make the most of it.

How you might ask? Here are five ways to make the most out of this year’s fall break.


Seriously, go home. Geneva doesn’t want you here. You only want to be here to seem cool to your friends. Get out of here. You’ve spent the last eight-ish weeks in the same places doing the same things, so you have no excuse. Deep down, you know you miss your mom and dad, so take advantage of one of the few times it is okay to go home without scorn from your friends who are undoubtedly feeling just as homesick as you.


That’s what I feel like I’m eating anytime I get away from Alexander Dining Hall, and now you get four whole days of home-cooked meals or trips to your favorite restaurants. That should be music to your mouth! You can finally stop convincing yourself that premium night steak and shrimp is actually premium. In case you’ve bought into your own delusion, it’s not. If you’re especially charming, you might be able to capitalize on your parent’s joy of having you home to get a second birthday meal out of the long weekend. I’m personally pulling for my mom’s thanksgiving casserole, breakfast pizza and peanut butter fudge cake (or in other words, God’s grace in edible form).


Like I said before, you parent’s ecstatic exuberance will be overflowing at the sight of you walking through your front door (especially for you freshmen). This leaves you the benefactor of some great perks only a fool would not take advantage of.  First and foremost: laundry. If your parent asks if you need your laundry done, you should be screaming, “YES!!” before they even finish their sentence. They also never mind footing the bill. Want to see a movie? Bring your parents. Going out to eat? Bring your parents. Need new jeans? You get the idea. Lastly, they’ll help you if your wallet is seriously struggling. If books ran you dry you might be able to swing a bit of spending money to get you through the rest of the semester. Moral of the story: your parents are sweethearts.


It is difficult to get any time to yourself at college. You are constantly surrounded by people — all the time. Even living with your best friends can make you want to ram your head against a wall. So use fall break to be by yourself for a bit. Watch some Netflix, read a book or play some FIFA. Get a full helping of the activities you don’t get enough time with at school so that you’re recharged for the marathon to Thanksgiving. It will help you go back to being friends with the people you couldn’t stand before you left. This also means that you shouldn’t stress about what I call the “family/friend circuit.” When I’m home I often feel pressure to spend a little bit of time with everyone that is in the area. You only have four days. A longer break is only a month away, so spend this time on yourself.


It’s called break for a reason. You’re taking a break from school, so don’t bring school with you. I understand that you might have something big due when you get back, but we get time off after midterms for a reason. It’s a natural break in the semester, so you shouldn’t have anything too pressing. So stop it. Relax. Don’t even bring it home with you. Trust me.


I know you workaholics immediately skipped the last paragraph when the heading said to not do homework. I’m serious. Don’t you dare do it. You are the people that are already working on assignments due at the end of the semester, so you can afford a break. You’ve already overachieved, so just stop.

Fall break is a sacred time. It is the first break that we have in the semester, so don’t squander it! If you follow these steps, you can have a “Williams approved break,” which I’m sure has always been your ultimate goal. Have fun, and enjoy!

*The opinions expressed in this editorial do not necessarily reflect the views of the Geneva Cabinet.

(Published October 22, 2015 in The Cabinet, Geneva’s online student newspaper)

Fall break for dummies


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