Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you will find a collection of work that I have accumulated over the various jobs I have held during my collegiate career. Within this smorgasbord of blood, sweat and tears are tiny pieces of myself that I have poured into each line of organized text. Naturally, you’d like to rip them apart! However, I strongly believe that there will be something to your liking here.

I organized my samples into topics contained above. Golden Tornadoes features a whirlwind of college experiences wrapped up into a few articles and news stories. A Game of Words plays with the idea that I can combine my love and talent for writing with my love and talent for the gaming industry. Bank Notes are a sum of my gains from my first professional internship experience. Each heading tells a different story, but they all contribute to who I am as I enter the working world.

As for what I am currently up to, I am spending the spring semester working as a Public Relations Intern at Tierney, a communications firm with offices in Philadelphia and Harrisburg. It is my first taste of agency life, and I am thoroughly enjoying my time there. This atmosphere is allowing the honing of my writing skill as I draft media pitches, social media posts, fact sheets and other public relations documents. Stay tuned for some samples of my work!

I hope that you will enjoy my work, and if you’d like to see more, well, I’ve always fancied myself a freelancer! If you are interested in checking out my resume, the most up to date version can be found here.